Safe Email Testing for Staging & Development

Inspect and debug your email samples before delivering them to your customers.

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Whether you are developer, QA, or PM, Smtpman has the tools for you to help building great email functionality

Smtpman Setup is Easy

  • Click Your Demo Inbox

  • Copy / Paste Your Configuration

  • Collect dev emails into Smtpman Inbox

What can I do with Smtpman?

Never spam real customers by mistake

Smtpman is a dedicated playground for your email tests. Use it before your messages are perfect enough for reaching real inboxes

Analyze emails for spam & blacklists

Stay on the safe side with your emails. Smtpman checks your domain and gives recommendations how to avoid spam filters

Test HTML for support by basic email clients

Inspect and debug each part of your message, and check if it works fine for the most popular email clients

Share inboxes with your team members

Discuss your ideas with colleagues or demonstrate your progress to the customer: invite them to your inbox!

Organize test emails into special inboxes

Separate your projects by creating a new inbox for each of them, just in two clicks. No more chaos!

Secure by default (HTTPS & TLS)

Your connection with the Smtpman server is secure and encrypted. Your data always stays safe and private

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